The Lights of Kuala Lumpur, A Mixed Media triptych

In this multimedia piece, I used various techniques and mediums. I hand-dyed cotton muslin, Silk Organza, and silk Chiffon with natural Marigold and Indigo Vat. I layered cotton and silk using fabric interfacing and sewing machine to portray how various elements of a city such as lights that are hung from a shop, fruits displayed for the viewers to buy and electricity towers appear to people’s eyes in different degrees of light in a city. I then hand-printed the scraps of fabrics using silk-screen frames and Mono-print the naturally-dyed fabrics and stitch and hand-sew them to the canvas.I used all naturally sourced fabrics and dyes for this mixed-media art piece.

The patterns are inspired by the photos I took from Urban city elements from the time I was living in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.