A Million Miles Away: A Fabric art installation on missing home

Site-specific art installations I create aim to restructure the viewer’s conceptual and perceptual experience of a location through the installation’s inventiveness and transform an environment into an experience.

In this project, I was invited by the Truman State University, Art department to make an installation for one of their gallery spaces with my existing work.

My attempt in this installation is to create an inviting space for the students and all the people who work in this department through the monumental and perforated soft screens hanging from the ceiling. The soft and translucent fabric planes aim to bring softness and femininity to hard and masculine architecture.

This installation consists of hand-dyed, embroidered, hand-cut,laser-cut, hand-painted, and screen-printed fabrics. I chose cotton and silk organza for this work because of their softness and silk organza’s translucency and ability to pass light.

I draw inspiration from Persian architecture and the architecture of countries that are influenced by Islamic culture and philosophy and that’s why I titled this installation “Million Miles Away”. The spaces I try to create in this work are the spaces I miss so badly. As a migrant artist, I struggle a lot with homesickness and mixed feelings about my decision to leave my home country, Iran