Portrait of Nazanin Amiri Meers at a KC Streetcar Kauffman Center Southbound Stop, 17th Street and Main St. that she designed. Photo by Jim Barcus

Nazanin Amiri Meers studied Textile Design and Print [Iran, 2008] and received her MA in Design Technology [Malaysia, 2009]. Immigrating to the United States in 2014 and earning an MFA in Fiber Arts at the University of Kansas was a turning point in her artistic life. Nazanin currently lives in San Diego, California and making large scale installations and multimedia 2D work, combining various techniques and media to address the importance of privacy and quietude in public spaces. Iranian architecture influenced by Islamic philosophy and decorative patterns are endless sources of inspiration for her work.

Amiri Meers has worked as an instructor of art and Research Assistant since 2014, Instructing various summer camps, kids workshops, adult classes and managing various art projects at the Lawrence Arts Center, University of Kansas and Kansas State University.

Nazanin's artwork has been exhibited internationally in venues such as the Spencer Museum of Art (Lawrence, Kansas), Amarillo Museum of Art (Amarillo, TX), Plague Project gallery,( Kansas City, Missouri) Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK), Hallmark Headquarter (Kansas City, KS), Lawrence Arts Center ( Lawrence, KS) , Surface Design Association (Portland, CA), Art League of Lincoln (Lincoln, CA), Chalmers Gallery, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS) UITM gallery (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and Artin gallery (Mashad, Iran).